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Dec 9, 2012 1:30am PST
i'm pedro garcia live on campus.... students who rely on the elevator in hugh gillis hall, encountered a problem this week. >>> i'm pedro garcia. san jose state participates in a plan s >> san jose state parts in a plan to create an aids-free generation. >> a popular hangout on 1st street is being forced to move out of downtown. we'll have the story. hello and welcome to update news... im lexy nuno. >>> welcome to update news. >> thank you for joining us. >> san jose state police are investigating the theft of cellphones and cash from the men's basketball team. it all happened on tuesday in the team's locker room at the event center. nearly $1,000 in cash was taken from 9 different ball players while at practice. police say leaving items unattended is the main reason students lose their property on campus. >> it's probably our no. 1 crime problem on university property. someone sets down their backpack or laptop or some other piece of reasonably valuable property, and they walk away to get a cup of coffee or pick up some lunch and when they come back it's gone. >> he ad
Dec 2, 2012 1:30am PST
displace >> the ice skating and probably the caramel popcorn. >>> pager garcia here where me czarton athletics. i hear it's a big week. and headed to a bowl game there's a lot of focus on mc mcten tire work z his magic. >> after victory of louisiana tech, coach mike mcken tire saverred the moment. >> kind of speechless. >> at his weekly news conference meck ken tire deadlined o comment when dime reports top football schools were recruiting him. >> all i'm worried about the bowl game. >> he believed his player will to work harder than everyone else. >> when you achieve something that nobody believes you can do but those guys and they put the work in and they do it and they see the building blocks and they see the hard work and perseverance and all the effort and understand what it takes. >> i think just intensity his work ethic he brought every day. we know if they're willing to put on the work for us we know we better follow suit. >> he says everything he really means and he's the same person every day. he keeps you fews can. focused. >> the succ
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2